Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Waiting for Christmas

At 12:45am on December 21st...

Saraya: I thought Christmas trees were supposed to have lights!

Satchel: I thought Christmas trees were supposed to have presents!
Go back to bed!!!!

Mikayla: Why were you two up at 12:45am this morning?

Saraya: We were looking for Christmas.

Satchel: Yeah...under the tree.
Mikayla: It was too early in the morning. You woke a lot of us up!

Besides, Santa doesn't come until the morning of the 25th.

Mikayla: This is a calendar of days so you know when to look under the tree again.

It is called an Advent Calendar.

Satchel: Most of the windows are open!

Mikayla: That is because we are almost to Christmas day!

Saraya: Look at the pretty pictures behind these windows!

Satchel: The one for tomorrow is over here!

Saraya: Can we open it yet?

Mikayla: Not until tomorrow!

Patience is really important when it comes to waiting for Christmas!