Sunday, October 2, 2011


Our friends up north sent a whisper down south

telling me that it was time for fall clothes.

I found a special fall outfit, and got my fall portrait taken.

Now what?

I can't sit around in a black shirt.

They stain.
Ah! Here is one of my normal outfits.

This is more me.

"Hey, Satchel!"

"Yeah, what?"

"Maybe if you smile sweetly and ask nicely,

you can get your clothes changed, too!

"What would I want to do that for?"

"It is fall, and the weather is getting cooler."

"Oh. I hadn't noticed."

"You can't keep wearing shorts!!!"

"Why not?"

"It is fall!!!!"

1 comment:

Miranda said...

Hi Saraya! You look very cute in your Fall outfit, but I agree about wearing too much black. Those Magic Eraser things make my resin itch.

Wishing you many adventures in the cooler weather and a wonderful Autumn! - Miri