Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Lati House

Our Lati House is turning into a real house!
We have a living room, a kitchen/dining room,
a playroom, 3 bedrooms,
and a bathroom!

This is my room.
I love the pink flamingo!

This is Satchel's room.
He loves his iguana.

Our Madeline kitchen is working out well!
What's for breakfast?

And our bathroom finally has a room!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saraya's Turn

I decided that it would be my turn in the bathroom next! Oh, that rubber ducky is so cute!

I tried out the toilet.

And even took a bath!
What is the green thing for?

And I dried off with the white towel on the towel rack,
even though, technically, I was still dry.

I can't wait until we have a real room to put this stuff!

Friday, June 5, 2009

More Bathroom Photos

I am still working on getting the sink for this set.
Oh, yeah, and the house to put it in.
However, I have had the accessory set for awhile.
I just love the "rubber ducky".

The Bathroom!!!

This really awesome thing arrived today!
Mom got excited because this long retired item
was purchased new in the box
from someone who had it in storage.
New box to open! And what was in the box?
The bathroom set from 8 inch Madeline,
which had a toilet, bathtub, hamper and rug.
Satchel took his clothes off
and tried the bathroom on for size.
Hmmm...the tub fit!

And his seat fit on the toilet!

What is this?
Boys don't always sit on the toilet!!!!!

Privacy Please!

Pirate Play

Well, a couple of things happened
all at once.
First, the Riley gang was moving on
to new homes.
And I had watched to make sure
anything I liked was not sold.
And I managed to rescue this really cool
Boneka Gypsy Outfit!
Then we got more pirate gold in Taos,
and gold chains at the craft store for the Treasure Chest!
I love it when there are new things in the Treasure Chest!
The gold chains may be be used for ghost costumes
at Halloween.
So there I was in my pirate girl/gypsy outfit,
and Satchel wanted to put on his pirate outfit, too!

Did I mention our really cool treasure chest?

Satchel thinks he started the pirate play
last Halloween because he was a pirate
and had a pirate costume.
So all this was really his idea.

I don't think so.
I started the pirate play on Wednesday,
when I rescued a costume so we could play together.

Satchel and I looked at the playscale pirate map
This was printed on parchment colored craft paper,
and "burned" along the edges with a brown permanent marker.

Where is the treasure?

Satchel also has the 1:12 scale version of the pirate map,
because it is easy for one little boy to carry.

See, he is proud that we have a Treasure Chest!
I suspect that the map is unnecessary
since we already know where the treasure is.

But maybe next time we look in the Treasure Chest,
there will be something new to find!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our Weekend in Taos

Satchel and I spent the weekend
at Grandma's house in Taos. Grandma has interesting things on the bookshelf!
We also sat up here to be safe from the two cats.
I was the first one to go out.
I went for an evening drive to
Arroyo Seco.

Sunday morning,
I went for a horseback ride
on Tumbleweed.

An obstacle to jump over!

Blooming Cactus

After I went horseback riding,
Satchel grabbed the hat and took a turn!

Satchel went bareback riding.
He didn't want to put his shoes
in the saddle stirrups.

Good thing he has good balance
and did not fall off!

Tumbleweed rested on the patchwork quilt field.

Tumbleweed is by the Only Hearts Club,
which makes 9 inch dolls.
Tumbleweed is the perfect horse for me!

Satchel is normally a little sailor boy,
but I think he is becoming a cowboy!
Here he stands on the fence along the Rio Pueblo.

Satchel visited the outside grounds of the Martinez Hacienda.
The Martinez Hacienda
is the other historic rancho that was used as a model for
Josefina's rancho.

He posed on an ox cart wheel.

Hornos at the Martinez Hacienda

Satchel peeked inside the hornos!
He said he only saw dirt.
He thought maybe a few bugs would be in there.

is a magical toy store!
I visited here in September.
I got Satchel his blue boat
in this store.
This time, it was his turn to visit.

"Can I have pet?"

There were lots of pets to choose from!
Satchel came home with an iguana and a grasshopper.

How come I got something for Satchel from this store,
and then when Satchel went,
he got something for himself?
Every time we go here, we end up with boy toys!
He also brought home a toy tractor,
and more pirate coins.

Satchel said he found some flowers for the girls.
I was not impressed.
I think it will be my turn to go out next time.