Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cottonwood Trees

Wednesay, April 22nd was Earth Day
and Friday, April 24th was Arbor Day.
That means it is a good time of year for trees!
I went out exploring our local cottonwood trees. Cottonwood pods float around
like little snow flakes
from late spring through early summer.

This is a group of mature cottonwood trees.
They have already shared quite a few floating pods
with the world!

I wonder if these pods fell in chunks this large.
I have only seen them when they look like snowflakes.

The fluffy part of the seed pod is called an "adaptation".
Some seeds travel to a new location by sticking
to animal fur or your socks with tiny barbs.
These seeds travel to a new location by being
light and fluffy and blowing in the wind.
I'd much rather have fluff blow into me
than be stuck with a barb!

The fluffy part may fall with the twig and opened pods,
or other small pieces from the branches.

But the stuff that looks like snow blowing in the spring winds
is just the fluff!

Nature is very interesting!
When I got home, I looked up more information about
cottonwood trees on the internet.

What I learned about our local cottonwood trees is that the
seeds are germinated by the seasonal flooding of the Rio Grande.
Many trees along the Rio Grande are 40 to 80 years old,
and won't naturally be replaced by the flooding river,
because the river has been "tamed" and no longer floods.
Non native species will take over
if people don't save the cottonwood trees along the bosque.

But don't worry too much.
Non native, water guzzling trees are being thinned
along the bosque.
They aren't drought friendly.
I think people here will help the cottonwood trees survive.
The Story of Fluff: A Cottonwood Seed:

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Mom said Spring
has a multiple personality disorder.
It can't make up it's mind if it is winter or summer.
Sometimes it is too windy for us to play.
Yesterday and this morning it was cold and rainy.
This afternoon, we finally went out into the yard!
Green grass and dandelion are growing!

The sun feels good!

The flower is just my size!

Satchel likes the green of spring, too!

Playing on the grass...

Satchel rolled down the hill!
The grass smells good and tickles!

Satchel climbed a tree with new, green leaves.

I can climb trees, too!

The root slide needs to be cleaned out.
There is mud and and seeds in the root slide.

We cannot slide down the slide today.
Satchel wanted to play in the mud.
Mom wanted another spring picture...

Friday, April 17, 2009

In Our Room

Spring is such a fickle thing!
One day sunny,
and the next day rainy, or windy!
Sometimes, we must play inside!
One gray Sunday,
Satchel and I played with our stuffies
in our room.
What a good brother to play with stuffed toys!

Marshmallow is my white bunny.
Smokey is my black bear.
Chocolate is Satchel's Christmas moose.
Marshmallow told Chocolate that it is past Christmas!
Chocolate mentioned back that Easter had also passed!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hey! We're Still Here!

Hey! The little Latis are still here!
This is Mikayla May.
She has been getting some attention lately. This is us:
Saraya and Satchel.
Last night,
we got our clothes changed for Spring.
Once a season?
Do you call that attention?
We don't.
So then we rescued
our plushie Easter friends
to play with!

This is the Gund "Chocolate" Bunny.
He isn't really chocolate.
Just chocolate colored.
He is our Easter Bunny.

Last year,
these Peeps arrived.
They are the plushie kind, too.
Not marshmallow.
That way we can play with them,
and not get sticky.

I love yellow.
This is my Easter romper,
cause I don't like dresses.
This is my yellow Peep.
I want to share my Yellow
with a little girl named Eggie.
Eggie does not live here.
She lives far away.
But she loves yellow more than I do.

Satchel is kind of yellow, too.
He has yellow hair.
See, he still lives here.
He is my brother.
We don't look alike, though.
And here I am with the Easter Bunny
all by myself!
I told the Easter Bunny
I want an Easter Basket.
Does the Easter Bunny take requests,
like Santa Claus?

Here is my Yellow Spring Portrait.

We don't have real marshmallow Peeps here
cause mom doesn't really like to eat marshmallows.
Peeps may be cheaper and less caloric,
but this is GOOD STUFF!