Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Neglected Little Latis

Here are a couple of neglected, crabby Lati Children.
This photo was taken late last November,
about the time of dry, fall leaves
and orange and green fall sweaters.

Fast forward to January,
and Satchel received something he had wanted.
He got a Hunter Dan camo camping tent.
I'm not too fond of the hunting part,
but the camo is cool.

Is this the reason why these Lati children
have been so neglected?
Once again, the Build a Bear furry friends
and other bears took over.
Satchel found that living with larger furry friends
can be a magical adventure!
He made friends with Ed the Buffalo.
Saraya had fun with Myles the Coyote.

Then, Saraya discovered the secret that cats know.
If you connect with (play with, get in front of, sit on....)
what is holding someone's attention,
eventually, you will get their attention.

And Saraya got new clothes from Auntie Spampy
so that her adventures could continue.