Saturday, October 11, 2008

Satchel's Fall Trip to the Bio Park

Friday, October 10, 2008
was a holiday for local city schools.
It was also a beautiful and warm day
so I went to look for fall leaves at the Bio Park! I found that a few trees were starting to change color
but there was still a lot of green left.
So, I looked for other signs of fall at the Bio Park.
These metal frames are covered with tube lighting.
Animals and insects and plants
popped up all around the park.
These light sculptures will be used in December
for the Festival of Lights,
which keeps people coming to the Bio Park
in a month that is cold and dormant.
There will be so many lights
that I'm sure they must get started with the displays
in October!
Either that, or they remind fall visitors to come back in December!

Near a real prickly pear cacti in bloom,
I found this iron one!
Art among the plants!
Imagine that!
This flower was pretty and unusual,
but it wouldn't tell me it's name.
I even introduced myself the polite way.
I sat on the bench next to it for a few minutes.
And a lady walked by and asked if I was a travel doll.
Wise visitor!
Mom replied, "Yes, he is."
And the lady replied, "Oh, HE!"
The lady continued walking with her friend.
And I'm glad mom did not have a chance to explain
that I am indeed an anatomically correct boy.
How embarrassing to have that explained to strangers!

It was mostly sunny, but it came and went at times.
The clouds cast a shadow and a coolness
as I entered the Heritage Farm area.
Doesn't a farm sound like a place to look for fall?
Last weekend, there was a Fall Harvest Festival here.
The farm sold cider that they press themselves.
This farm even grows real crops like grapes and apples.
I thought the pumpkins scattered around were fun signs of fall,
but we have these at home!
You can see the farm house behind me,
and that the trees are not turning colors yet.
This is the barn for the animals.
The animals are messy creatures
like a cow and goats and sheep!
I sat on a second fence outside of the cow pen.

I was very careful not to fall in the mud below!

Next to the farm, there is a Japanese garden
called Sasebo Japanese Garden.
You don't see Japanese gardens every day in New Mexico!
I like the bridge.

And the Japanese sculptures and designs!

A path goes around the main pond,
which also has several streams and waterfalls
pouring into it.
My favorite part was the trains!
A model train club works with Bio Park
to design and maintain this garden scale train set.
They also get to play in it!
One day, I want to ride a train!
I want to play with the little buildings!

Fall leaves on the train track.