Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chile in Old Town

Old Town Albuquerque
is the first Spanish settlement in Albuquerque.
It is built around a plaza, which is a square.
Our trip around crossed across the plaza courtyard several times,
and is by no means a sequential door to door trip.
It is more a meandering journey to take pictures
and buy a chile ristra.
San Felipe de Neri Church
est. 1706
I got to sit on a curving wall by San Felipe de Neri.
It was covered by stucco.
Apparently stucco holds up better than adobe.
The church has gotten a recent face lift.
But I don't know if they have done the walls yet!

I saw the gazebo in the plaza!
The sign on it says that confederate soldiers were buried here
during the Civil War in April 1862,
when the confederate flag was flying in Albuquerque.

I thought the canons were the best!
These are way better than mom's Canon Powershot!

Doesn't this look like a power shot?
There are two canons.
They were also buried during some war.
And are another historic memorial.

New Mexico Roof Line
Red pitched tin roof next to flat roof with ristras on the wall.

Our errand was to buy a mini ristra
to replace an old one at home.

Did you know that chile can be big or little?
These ristras are FOR SALE.

A wagon wheel!

Wagon wheels are interesting places to explore!
Two wagon wheels are in front of a store called
The Covered Wagon.
The t-shirt hanging on the door
looks like the New Mexico state flag.

After purchasing the ristra, we wandered back across the plaza
and there were musicians playing!

The green grass and green leaves won't be here much longer.
Soon, fall will make the leaves turn color and fall from the trees.
And the grass will turn a sleepy brown.
I want to remember the last weekend of summer!

This store is the best for little things!
It is Old Town Rug and Basket
found online at .
There were sombreros, little woven rugs,
tiny doll sized resin cactus, incense cubes,
and LOTS of toys, postcards, and magnets with cool stuff!

My last stop was the plazuela outside of Old Town Rug and Basket.
There is a pretty fountain,
and the state flag of New Mexico was blowing in the breeze.

The Pirates' Life

"Yo ho, yo ho, the pirates' life for me!"
Argh! I 'm going to be a pirate for Halloween!

My mom is making my costume for me.
We had the Boneka white short and long sleeve shirts,
but she made me a pair of pirate pants, the bandana head cap,
and a felt vest!

September 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Would you like some cake, matey?

The cake, tiny treasure chest and sword
are from Re-ment Fairy Tale Sweets
Set #7-Pirates' Treasure

Thanks to Jim at
for providing really cool treasure maps!
The big one is playscale,
the smaller one is 1 inch scale.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Exploring at Dusk

Around dusk,
I was finally allowed to go out into the front yard.
I don't know if this counts as "going out",
but the trees are real trees
and not calendar photos.

It is still very green outside.

I like my new bag.
I like to carry it on my back.
I have a lucky coin I carry in my backpack.
It is a replica of coins found on shipwrecks.
It is a pirate coin!
This one is the small or medium size.
I looked at this place today.
They have more cool pirate stuff,
including the pirate coins like mine:

My coin must have brought me a lot of luck,
because I found a fall leaf and it isn't even fall yet!
See, the big tree is still green!
Where did this leaf come from?

Wow! Look at all the ants and the ant hole!
They sure are busy!

On my way back in, I found a green grasshopper!
He stayed really still for me to look at him
and to get his picture taken.
I wonder if he was looking for dinner. very quiet when you are looking at nature!


Saraya said there were lots of adventures in this house.
So I got dressed, and grabbed my bag.
Today is Saturday!
The Day for Play!
I waited and waited and waited...
What is up with not going out on Saturday?
Isn't there somewhere we can go?

I waited and waited and waited at the picnic table
and played with my elephant, Tiny.
Aren't you ready to go, yet?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Satchel is Home!

My name is Satchel.
I am Saraya's brother.
I guess we will share a journal now.
I hope we will get to play a lot
and share our adventures, too!
At first, there was some confusion
about my being a girl
and not quite right.
But now it has been made right,
and I can assure you
that I am indeed a boy!
I hope Saraya and I don't have to dress up like twins
because we aren't twins!
Apparently mom thinks it is cute in photos
to dress us in similar clothes.

When I arrived yesterday, Saraya gave me a boat!

I love this boat because I can even ride in it!

I was up bright and early this morning!
I got dressed and I want to go out and play!
Mom said she has to go to work first
because it is Friday,
but we can play this afternoon,
and all weekend!

I like this clubhouse!
It is called "Will's Cowboy Clubhouse".
This a guy hang out!
Saraya and I share a room,
and it is not exactly a boy kind of place.
Maybe I can play here sometimes!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Visiting in Taos

I was invited to go visit grandma,
who recently moved back to Taos
after a two year hiatus in Honolulu.

While she was at work,
I found this wonderful fountain in the Bent Street Plaza!
It looks just like a mountain stream!
I had to get my picture taken here!

I wonder if an 8 inch companion
traveling with an adult
sitting on the edge of the fountain counts?
Nobody offered me espresso or a puppy,
so it must have been okay.

Wouldn't you find this mountain stream irresistable?
And as a fountain, it was just my size!

Flowers and grasses around the fountain
prevented too much access to it
as a place to play.

On to the main plaza!
Look, the man at the cart
is selling lemonade!

Potted pansies and other flowers
were also a lovely photo op!
Mom said I was pretty as a purple pansy!

Historic Taos Plaza

Mom collects postcards,
especially of New Mexico.
And has a postcard of 1940's cars
parked right along this row of shops!
Maybe the shops are a little different,
but apparently this is has been a tourist destination
and gathering place for decades!

The gazebo in the plaza.
A place for small concerts in the plaza,
or just to hang out.

On to shopping....
I went to the quilt shop to see if I could find something for Byurl.
When he comes home, maybe I could give him a special blanket
made from colorful fabric!
This was all a little too bright, though.

Then just a few doors down....
Who could resist an invitation to

Twirl is an enchanted toy shop!
It has a rock wall with a fountain
coming down from the ceiling,
which has a skylight
like out of a cave.

The water from the fountain
falls into a fish pond
with real fish!
And the shop clerk
will give you a little glass wishing stone
to throw in the pond,
so it is a wishing well, too!
And mushrooms and fairies
and butterflies and other residents
live in nooks along the rock wall.

And if that wasn't cool enough,
I was looking at toy cars for Byurl,
and there were two boats on the shelf!
One was red and one was blue!
I had to get the blue boat
for my brother Byurl!

I sat in it in the store to make sure it fit,

but here I am back at grandma's house.
Don't you think Byurl will love this boat?
And the mast and sail come off, too!

Sitting at grandma's for hours and hours,
because she was still at work.
Did I show you how I wrote an "S"
on my Etch a Sketch?

These are the resident kitties (about 8 weeks old).
Sam came on this trip,
but he hid or sat on a bookshelf most of the time
because nobody wants to end up in a kitty's mouth!
They are brother and sister and like Byurl and I.
The gray one is a boy and the girl is the one with white socks.

Sunday was gray and gloomy.
It rained.
And we didn't go outside until late in the morning.
This is grandma's "back" yard in a rural area.

Rain on a hollyhock flower.

More from the "back" yard.
Sage and neighbors
and clouds!
Isn't Taos supposed to be
the "solar capital" of the world?
Where is the sun?

Cactus and sage on the mesa.

We finallly got out of the house!
I wanted to visit Kit Carson's grave.
I met his great grandson,
John Carson,
just last month.

This is the path to his grave.
Kit Carson and his wife, Josefa,
are buried inside the iron gates
near the US flag.
Some of Kit Carson's decendants
are in graves to the right of Kit Carson,
including his grandson, Kit Carson,
who was a WWI veteran.

Kit shown his blessings on me,
because this moment
was the only 3 minutes
I saw the sun while in Taos
on Sunday.

Kit Carson also has a house in Taos.
I didn't get to see it on this trip, but
it is a part of the Taos CountyMuseum system.
Visitors can visit this historic house.
Photos of recent changes to the property:

This is an older photo of Mabel's house,
but I got to stay there in March!
I have a blog post about it.
More of Mabel Dodge Luhan's fabulous 1920's house
in Taos, New Mexico.
This is now a bed and breakfast inn
and a quiet retreat for artists and writers:

On this trip,
I got to visit Mabel Dodge Luhan
in her final resting place
at the Kit Carson Memorial Cemetery.
There is a lot of history in Taos,
and a lot of it can be read on the tombstones
in this cemetery!
This was my last visiting place in Taos
because it got sprinkly.
And we went to lunch,
and drove home through the rain.