Monday, August 4, 2008

More Photos from Golondrinas

I had lots of fun at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas!
I had way too much fun for one blog entry!
Here are more photos,
cause I know you want to see more of me! I climbed up on the ox cart.
That is what traders used to transport goods
up the El Camino Real from
Mexico City.
I am not for sale or trade!

I go to go inside, too. I sat on the colcha embroidery on the wall.

Then I checked out some tack.
That means horse stuff.
I wanted to sit on the rope,
but mom reminded me of Sam's Lesson.
Do not perch or pose anywhere
where falling
could cause you to end up behind a fence
or anywhere you could not easily be retrieved.
And there was a fence
to keep people from going through the doorway
in this back wall and
up the torreon.

And I walked on a woven rug
that was really on a trunk.
A wood trunk.
Not an elephant's trunk.

I could smell the baking bread!
Who could resist freshly baked bread from an horno?

My next adventure was down to an acequia!

This irrigation ditch is on the registry of historic places.

Aren't I cool...
making mom sit in the ants
with the flies
just to take more pictures of cute me!

Get me out of here!!!!

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