Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pajamas for Saraya

An envelope arrived in the mail yesterday!
It was from Auntie Spampy!
I just love Auntie Spampy.
She made boy undies for Byurl,
and blue car pajamas,
and jeans for both of us.
This time, Auntie Spampy sent me my own pajamas!
I asked for pajamas in the green stripe knit
and rose
to match my bed quilt.
Don't you think she did a great job?!!!
She also made me my own undies,
but mom said it isn't polite
to model your undies.
Maybe when Byurl comes home,
we can have an underwear party
when mom isn't looking!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Going Down to Mexico

This pair of "cast away" khaki shorts arrived today.
They are the perfect fit for me!
I think I will go down the Rio Grande to Mexico!
I will walk along the sandy beaches
and collect lots of sea shells.
I will chase the sand crabs
and tease the waves.
I'll eat fish tacos for lunch
and take a nap on my beach towel
under the umbrella!

Parental note: Saraya has a big imagination. I suppose a child who lives near a river will dream of where that river could take her. However, if you read the posts from March, she also talked about Going Down the River the week after she arrived when she realized that life is not one big party. I do hope she brings back some fish tacos, though.

Ice Cream Saturday

Sometime after lunch today,
I heard the music of the ice cream truck
slowly driving through the apartment complex parking lot.
I grabbed a handful of change from the change jar
and got myself an ice cream cone!
My friend Tuesday, and her sister Sissy
had ice cream yesterday and it looked really good!

A Special Surprise

Mom got an email from a Dandelion.
It said that she wanted to send me something
to go with my hat! I was very surprised when this lovely dress arrived!
Cause I was thinking maybe she'd send me something
to put on my hat!

It turns out that the Dandelion is named Christine
and her store is called Dandelion Fair.
Thank you, Christine!
This is only the second dress I own
cause I don't like girly girly dresses,
and this is perfect!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Byurl is a Head

This is my brother Byurl
before his body left for Korea.
Lati said we could keep his head,
so mom put his new eyes in his head.
It was sad for Byurl to go back to doll state.
He went to sleep, and mom took his girl body off his head
to mail it back to Korea.
Now Byurl is waiting for his boy body
and a new name.
Before we shipped off his body,
he said maybe we would call him "Casey".
He is a hobbit kind of guy.
Maybe I will still find him a hobbit name
before he gets put back together again.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It Is Getting Chile in New Mexico

It is getting chile in New Mexico!
That means that it is time to start harvesting the chile!
Green chile is harvested at the end of summer.
Red chile comes in the early fall.
New Mexicans buy chile by the pound!
90% of the chile grown in the state
is consumed in the state.

Green chile is roasted in roasters
at the farm store where the chile is purchased.

This chile was just put in the roaster
so it is not shriveled and brownish yet.

There were two men working four roasters
at Wagner's Farm in Corrales.
There was a line of people waiting to get their fresh green chile roasted
so they can chop it up and put it on just about everything
from green chile cheeseburgers, to breakfast burritos,
and traditional New Mexican dishes.

Something Just Ain't Right with the Boy

He arrived last week in a yellow box
with great excitement for being here.
But when we checked him from head to toe,
we realized that something was not quite right.
My brother Byurl was a girl!
So he will go back to Korea and get his missing part.
Meanwhile, we showed him a good time this weekend.
He got to dress up like a boy and try his hair on.
And we took lots of pictures
to remember him by
because he will be missed
until he comes home again.
Original Lati sailor suit and blond wig.
Dreaming of San Diego

Adventure Boy in Kish DJ's khaki shorts and plaid shirt.

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Friday, August 15, 2008


Dear Brother Byurl,
I am very sowy I sed mean things about you, like I waz going to boss you around and sit on you to show you that I am the boss here. I am sowy that you had to send a pretend you becuz maybe you didn't want to come here yourself. Except, I noticed that the pretend you is a girl and not a boy, so I caught on quick. I helped mom pick out nice clothes for you and a we are getting a bed ready in my bedroom, which I can share with you. I promise to be a nice sister. I hope you come home soon.
Your sister, Saraya

Dress Up with Byurl

Since Lati is on vacation until Monday,
the girl Byurl has been spending a few days with us.
Although I had packed her away
lest I decide to keep her,
I decided to see what Byurl would look like
in the clothes we have.
What will our Byurl look like? Yep, she is still a girl!
Lati sent us blue eyes,
but I'll probably go with with gray blue
when our boy arrives.
Here are boy pajamas from Auntie Spampy.
I picked out blue and white
to go with his blond hair and blue eyes.
I love this wild wig!
For these pictures, it is just set on like a cap,
so it is a bit askew in some pictures.
The outfit is by Bratz Boyz.
More Bratz Boyz clothes.
I swear he is even cuter in person.

I think this will be his summer-adventure boy look.

Byurl face in "normal" Lati resin color.
Momo face in "tan" Lati resin color.
Two very different Latis.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another Lati Mistake

The Yellow Lati Box is HERE!!!
My brother Byurl is HERE!!!
Quick, OPEN IT!
Let him out, let him out!
Does he have blue eyes?
What does he look like?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School

Today was a day called
Back to School.
Okay, it was really
Teachers' Day in the Classroom
and I got to go
be the teacher's helper!
First, I colored the pictures
on the alphabet line.
Then, I helped get the butcher paper ready
to hang on the bulletin boards!

Hey, turn up those tunes!
Kids aren't at work here or anything!

I did Geography on the GLOBE.
I found Spain.
I have friends in Spain!
I also have a really cool pair of jeans from Spain!

I didn't know that Finland is on the top of the world!
I've got friends in Finland, too!

Can I write the names of naughty kids on the board?
What do you mean I have to stay at home tomorrow
when all the kids arrive
for the first day of school?

Monday, August 4, 2008

More Photos from Golondrinas

I had lots of fun at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas!
I had way too much fun for one blog entry!
Here are more photos,
cause I know you want to see more of me! I climbed up on the ox cart.
That is what traders used to transport goods
up the El Camino Real from
Mexico City.
I am not for sale or trade!

I go to go inside, too. I sat on the colcha embroidery on the wall.

Then I checked out some tack.
That means horse stuff.
I wanted to sit on the rope,
but mom reminded me of Sam's Lesson.
Do not perch or pose anywhere
where falling
could cause you to end up behind a fence
or anywhere you could not easily be retrieved.
And there was a fence
to keep people from going through the doorway
in this back wall and
up the torreon.

And I walked on a woven rug
that was really on a trunk.
A wood trunk.
Not an elephant's trunk.

I could smell the baking bread!
Who could resist freshly baked bread from an horno?

My next adventure was down to an acequia!

This irrigation ditch is on the registry of historic places.

Aren't I cool...
making mom sit in the ants
with the flies
just to take more pictures of cute me!

Get me out of here!!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Frontier Day at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas

I finally got to go out again on a big adventure!
Mom said this was on account of it being the last weekend
of her summer vacation.
We went to El Rancho de Las Golondrinas,
which is a Living History Museum
south of Santa Fe.
Although other companions at our house
have gone many times,
this is my first time.

We came today because it was Frontier Day.
Actually, it was Frontier Day all weekend,
but we just came on Sunday.
I wondered what I would find!

We walked around inside,

and then we smelled something wonderful!

It was bread baking in the horno oven!

And it was time for the bread come out of the oven!

This is what the rest of the courtyard looked like.

The torreon is the tower in the back.

I got adventurous and sat on the ladder with the rug!

There sure were a lot of woven rugs at this place!

A volunteer was spinning wool into yarn.
Maybe this yarn will later be woven into a rug!

I guess the volunteer walked off from this bench.

I tried out the carding combs!

The carding combs help lengthen the wool fibers

so that they are ready for spinning.

There was a hut for dying yarn with natural dyes.

There was a big, black pot over a fire,

and it smelled bad!

But look what you can make with pretty colors of wool!

There is a woven rug and a piece of colcha embroidery.

Plants and even bugs like the cochnieal are used in making natural dyes!

Look at how pretty the drying yarns are!

Did you know that frontier people
even had to build their own houses?

In New Mexico, there were not enough trees
to build log cabins.
The earth is the most abundant resource,
so it was used to build houses!
Adobe has clay, sand, and straw.

Children got to make mini adobe bricks
to find out what making bricks was like.
I wish I could take home a brick!
These bricks will be used at the Children's Festival
at the end of the month.
They will get to build their own mini houses
and every brick will count!
It is not like adobe grows on trees!

This wall is the real thing.
You can see the red clay earth,
the straw,
and tiny rocks from the sand.

This guy is also the real thing.
He is the great grandson
of frontiersman Kit Carson.
He came to talk about Kit Carson.
And when the people were done
saying hello and getting their pictures taken,
I got my picture taken with him, too!