Monday, July 28, 2008

Indoor Scenes

Apparently the late summer heat, monsoon humity,
boredom and laziness have taken over,
because I've been playing inside all week.
I gathered my teddy bears
and toy bunny
and my pet bunny, Hoppy
for a tea party.
When I couldn't find a tea set,
we decided on a carnival theme,
with apple pie, funnel cake,
popcorn, shaved ice,
and a lollipop for Marshmallow.

I got hot
and sat around in my underwear,
until mom found this comfy romper for me.
And I became the subject of
experimental photography.

But, hey,
I got a delicious
Beach Front Dinner!

I love this shrimp and avocado salad
and the orange soda
by Re-ment!

Then mom got pictures of her nephew.
He was in a wagon parade
on the 4th of July.
Children decorated their wagons
as floats
and went for a walk at the local Bio Park/garden.
I am a little late
for the 4th of July,
but I still have Patriotic Spirit!

And then I was still in my Patriotic dress,
and mom brought home a new toy!
I got my own Etch a Sketch!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Barefoot on Saturday

It was Saturday around noon,
and I had to decide if I should get dressed,
or stay in my underwear all day.
I decided to wear a short summer dress
and the matching shorts.
But I was not going to put shoes on.
So I had a barefoot adventure.
The toadstools from Tuesday were gone.
Their spaceship must have returned for them.
But apparently it left even larger species of life
to investigate our planet.

Are these really "stools"?
They are kind of squashy!
I want one for my room!!!
Hmm...some had already been unrooted.
This one even split in half
for us to look at more carefully.
Very interesting!
And see,
I survived another encounter
with aliens!
I had to go wash my hands, though.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Toadstools on Tuesday

It has been unusually wet and rainy,
cloudy and cool
in the Land of Enchantment.
Alien life forms have mistaken us
for another state!
The alien life forms seem to be multiplying rapidly!

What are these strange creatures?!!!

They are taking over!!!

Ouch...hey, there are ants over here
and the one up my pants bit me...

Time to go inside!!!

Summer at the Bio Park

I got left behind
on mom's second trip to Florida,
so when she came home,
she took me to the Bio Park.
I went to the Bio Park
which is really the Botanical Gardens part
of the the Bio Park
on Thursday, July 10th.
It had rained lots
and was very GREEN,
humid, and overcast.
I wasn't sure if I was in New Mexico.
I like the model trains at the Bio Park.
They are in a landscaped area.

I wish I could ride a train!

Butterflies live in an enclosed area
called the Butterfly Pavillion.

It is very easy to see them
and photograph them!

There is an adobe 1930's farm house exhibit
called Heritage Farm.
This is the produce barn.
I heard they will make apple cider here
in the fall.
Now there are lots of pretty

I found a tree growing apples
which were still very tiny!
I wonder if I will drink these apples
as cider in a few months!

I climbed the rose trellis,
except I guess it wasn't rose season
cause there weren't any flowers.
Oh well.
More room for me!

See, aren't I as attractive
as a flower?
Mom said "Momo" means "little peach".
I guess there are little peaches
on this trellis!

I love Sasebo Japanese Garden!

See how beautiful it is!