Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Picnic and Play

It was a nice, warm summer afternoon today.
Sam and I gathered our toys
and went outside to picnic
and play!
I picked up a fairy tale
and caught up on some summer reading
under the tree.

Then mom said we had to eat lunch.
I think this sandwich is Sam's sandwich.

We played checkers.
Sam won.

But I am a good sport,
and gave him hugs and kisses

Then Sam read to me
while I relaxed in the sun.
I don't think he knew
all the exact words.
But maybe I wasn't listening.

I wish it was always a sunny summer Saturday
in June.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Orlando, Florida

So we went on vacation to Orlando, FL.
Except we didn't go to Disney World
or Sea World or Universal Studios or Anything.
We went to Lake Mary.
There was a conference there.
We stayed in a nice hotel called the
Lake Mary Marriott.
It had a nice courtyard
with a fountain and restaraunts.
There was live music on the restaraunt patios
on Friday and Saturday nights.

And even though we didn't go to any amusement parks,
there were palm trees and other tropical plants.
It was humid out.
And there were lizards called anoles.
I got to go for a walk on Saturday night
and see the people and the plants
and the places around the hotel courtyard.
One different thing that happened
was that the space shuttle went up.
It isn't in this picture, so don't look.
This is the view from our room window.
The shuttle was in this direction.
There was smoke and fire,
and it disappeared into the sky.