Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring at the Bio Park

Last weekend
I went to a very springy place
called the Bio Park
which is where
all the flowers grow!
Cause there were tulips and iris flowers
and lots of green plants
and the trees had leaves
all over them!

There are different gardens
at the Bio Park.
Now, in addition to the regular area
and the children's garden,
there is a farm called Heritage Farm
and a Japanese Garden
called Sasebo Japanese Garden.
Imagine all that!

And I don't think real children are supposed to do it,
but I am small and climbed a tree!

There is pretty water in the Bio Park.
There is a pond in the main gardens,
and a pond in the Sasebo Japanese Gardens.

And there is a fountain
in the Moorish Garden
which also had nice smelling sage.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Going Up the Mountain

On Thursday, like a week and half ago,
we drove up a hill called the freeway.
As we got closer to Santa Fe...
I needed a pit stop.
So we stopped at the Loretto Inn and Spa
early in the morning.
Like before 10am.
When I finished with my pit stop,
we walked around.
There was a cabinet called a trastero outside of the hotel.
This is very New Mexican.

But what was this
over the hotel wall?
It looked kind of Gothic.
And very pointy.
So I had to check it out.

Oh! And on the other side of the wall
there was an old church
called the Loretto Chapel.
Nuns called the sisters of Loretto
had it built in 1873.

Except they didn't put a staircase in.
Back then, ladders were used
for men going up to the choir loft.
But this was a women's church and school.
And they needed a staircase.

So then there was a miracle
with a man they didn't know
who just showed up to build a staircase
with wood no one can identify
and no nails
and no visible support for the staircase
cause spiral staircases should twist around a central pole
or support.
And this one doesn't.
And the darn thing is still here

When I was done looking at the staircase
I went through the gift shop
which attaches the Loretto Chapel
with the Inn and Spa at Loretto
And went back into the hall
at the Inn and Spa at Loretto
for a stamped souvenir penny.
So then we were done
with Santa Fe
and had to get in the car
to keep going up the hill to Taos.

Outside of Taos
There is a place
called Taos Drums
where you can buy drums
at the factory outlet.
That means they make them here.
I got a drum just my size
called an ornament.

But the other cool thing about Taos Drums
is that they have tipis
and a wagon and hornos
and other fun things outside.

I like the tipi
with the buffalo painted on it.
And then we got in the car again and kept driving.

North of Taos
There is a community
called Arroyo Seco.
But don't blink
cause you'll miss it.
Here is the historic mission church
in Arroyo Seco.

And there is a fun place to shop
called the Arroyo Seco Mercantile.
So if you are in Taos
and can drive a few more miles
out toward the ski valley
you should go to the Arroyo Seco Mercantile.
The Loretto Chapel:
The Inn and Spa at Loretto:
Arroyo Seco Mercantile:

The Tale of Two Taos Hotels

I went to Taos last weekend
and it was all about the hotels!
This house is the Mabel Dodge Luhan House.
A lady named Mabel Dodge Luhan had it built in 1920.
She was a patron of the arts
who brought many famous people
to New Mexico.

Mabel's House is now a bed and breakfast inn.
It is a quiet, peaceful place
for writers and artists.

This is where we stayed.
This is a guest house at
the Mabel Dodge Luhan
Bed and Breakfast Inn.
The part in the middle is an empty room
called a "classroom".
The side wings have rooms for guests.
And we were guests.
There are rooms in Mabel's house, too.
We just didn't happen to stay
in that part of the hotel.

The room where we stayed
was very 1930's New Mexico cabin.
Very cute and very quiet.
But hey!!! Where is the TV?
Where is the clock radio?
Where is the telephone?
Not in the room.
Very peaceful at night
when you want to sleep or reflect.
But we spent some time bouncing off the walls
in this lovely, peaceful, primitive place.

This is the other hotel.
Called The El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa.
It really has a spa on the property.
And you can get a massage.
My mom saw a room
and they have TVs and lots of stuff.
She said it was very modern
and over decorated.
The rooms have themes, like "Texas".
And it is also a "green" hotel.
Whatever that means.
It is beautiful and peaceful
in a way that is the opposite
of Mabel's House.

Mabel Dodge Luhan Bed and Breakfast Inn:

El Monte Sagrado Living Resort and Spa:

P.S. I forgot to tell you that both hotels are just minutes away from each other off Kit Carson Road, near the historic Taos Plaza. Where would you rather stay?