Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day Trip to Old Town

Today I got to go on a day trip
to a very hysterical place...
I mean, a very historical place.
It is called Old Town Albuquerque.

I learned my history lesson
cause I know that this church is called
San Felipe de Neri
and the cactus are called Prickly Pear.
Nothing came when I called it, though.

It SPRING time
and that means pretty flowers grow
in pots.

This is a little shop in a courtyard.
The courtyard is a plazuela,
which means "little plaza"
in Spanish.
The stuff that looks like adobe
is really stucco.
But New Mexico
has to have that special feel to it.
Like the walls are going to crumble.
I wonder if the stucco ever has to be fixed.
This stuff looks old.
I mean, very historical.

I liked this sign!
So I had to play on it.

Hey, didn't I already say that there were flowers?
Well, there were more flowers
in pots.
These are purple pansies.

This is another historical wall.
The history of Albuquerque
is painted on it.
A painting on a wall
is called a mural.
See, I learned lots today!

This is a mill stone.
It is not attached to a mill anymore.
It looks and feels like lava rock.
Very fun and very scratchy!

And This is Me.
Back at home with my new rug
which is a souvenir
I picked out for being so good.
It is a squishy rug called a Mouse Rug.
I picked it out
and it matches my bench.
Except then it got moved just a little bit
so the mouse wouldn't scratch the table.
The mouse isn't a real mouse at all.
It is a computer mouse.
It doesn't even have claws
so I don't know why it needs a rug.


Belated Easter Egg Hunt

Look what I found in the fruit bowl!!!
It sure isn't fruit!
This is a bowl of
Dove Milk Chocolate Truffle Eggs!
I finally found the Easter Chocolate!
Mom said Horton insisted on bringing it home.
Maybe elephants DO like chocolate.
The chocolate truffle eggs were half off!
She said she will not be half off
If she eats the chocolate too quickly.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Horton Heard Who?

Okay, Easter is OVER!
The Peep Quartet
is going to it's box for another year.
But look who hopped out of that Target bag today!
That is right!
My Horton is the small size.
Cause I'm the small size, too.
And mom said we have a lot of cuddly critters
And not much room for big ones.
Isn't my Horton a great pal?
I wonder if he can go outside and play with me!
Do elephants like to go outside?
I heard they like peanuts.
I hope he doesn't eat the Easter chocolate.
He is already quite cuddly
and does not need extra squish.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saraya's New Dress

I do not normally like dresses.
Keep me away from that frill!
A girl can't play in a dress!
But look what arrived in the mail for me!
I think this would be classified as a dress.
But it is special kind of dress.
It is sundress because it has no sleeves.
That must mean that warm weather
and summer is coming soon!
I can wear this dress!
Except don't peak at my underwear.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

'Lellow as an Easter Egg Yolk

'Lellow, 'lellow, 'lellow...
That is my faborite color!
Little girls are apposed to like pink and purple
but 'lellow is my faborite color!
This lovely new outfit for Easter
was apposed to be for Riley,
But really it is for me.
And do you like the way it is not a DRESS!!!
And lookie what I got!
Easter Candy and a basket!
And there are apposed to be eggs...
Did you know that the middle of an Easter Egg
is 'lellow?!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Peeps

I went shopping for a basket and Easter grass.
Did you know that grass at Easter
comes in pink and yellow and bright green and purple even?

I made a special place for Peep.
And then, guess what happened?
Another Peep showed up!
This Peep was pink.

Wow! I love these cutie, squishy Peeps!
I thought we were a happy threesome.

And then, a purple Peep and a blue Peep arrived!
I guess I should know better.
Peeps travel in fours!

Parental note: These Peeps are all plush from a 4 pack by Just Born Inc. I purchased them at Target last Easter. None of them is marshmallow or sticky. None of them will be eaten. They will be enjoyed for years to come.


Spring will be starting next week!
The grass is getting greener and greener!
And the sun is getting warmer!
I was playing this morning before mom got up,
and look what I found!
I heard a noise that went "PEEP"!
And I looked and there it was!
The cutest little yellow chick.
I liked it right away.
I get called Yellow sometimes, too.
So now me and this Peep are very good friends.
Mom said that Peep wants a place to live.
Peep wants an Easter Basket
and some Easter grass
to make a little chicky nest.
So we have to go shopping for Peep today!
Parental Note: Saraya's Peep is not the actual marshmallow kind. Saraya's Peep is a plush Peep purchased at Target in the spring of 2007. I would not allow her to get sticky hugging a marshmallow.
Let us pause for a commercial break while we go get some grass and a basket for Peep:

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Down The Root

Despite the fact that it started like a gray and gloomy day
I finally went outside to play.
I brought my bear named Honey, and we explored the forest.
Okay, we explored a tree trunk and an exposed tree root.
The tree root made a neat slide!
If I couldn't go down the Rio Grande
at least I could go down a slide!
And, see, there is green grass growing!
Spring is time to play!
Honey thinks so, too!

Going Down the River

I have lived here for a week.
So far, I have a room and a few clothes and shoes.
Except I don't think my shoes really go with my clothes.
Then, I found this neat straw hat that fits my head just perfectly.
I asked what it was for, because I wanted it to be my hat.
My mom said it was a tequila hat.
A tequila hat? Do bottles of tequila need straw hats?
Apparently they do because there are straw hats for them down at Old Town.
Then, I got an idea! It is a little cold and gray outside today.
Maybe I can go to Mexico!
I looked at the map.
The Rio Grande goes to the Gulf of Mexico.
I can ride a boat down the river, and in no time, I can be in the sun in Mexico!
My mom said it doesn't work that way.
And I can't go out without shoes on.
But I still have a tequila hat!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Introducing Saraya

My name is Saraya. Isn't that a pretty name? I named myself.
I started out my life in Korea at a place called Lati Doll.
Lati Doll said I am a Special Yellow.
I hope I do not turn yellow, but I cannot argue with being special!
In December 2007, my mom saw a picture of a tan little boy named Momo.
She told Lati she liked the face and the tan, but wanted a girl.
So, here I am.
A Lati Special Yellow Tan Momo.
My birthday was March 1, 2008.
That is the day I arrived in New Mexico.